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I'm a girl. I'm 23.
I like pretty pictures. I like stories too. I like music, and I'd love to share it with you.
and also, my rhymes suck

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We’re superheroes

Remember the quote “with great power comes great reaponsibility”?

Finding it’s original credit is quite hard, but the meaning is quite clear. Someone that has the ability to affect their surrounding, should use that power for good, and should use it wisely. As a human being on this earth, we’re all superheroes.
We all have the ability to create, to share, to help out others less fortunate - because we have one amazing superpower, a lot other creations on this earth does not. Our mind. Thought. Empathy.

Therefore we should use that power for good.

Should we keep our wild animals in cages, for show and entertainment, because we have the power to?

Should we cut down every forrest, because we have the power to?

Should we set up giant power plants because it’s the cheapest way to get energy, because we can?

We can do what ever we want, because we have the power to.
Will it matter much to the earth? Not really. The earth has been around for billions of years and will continue to. What we’re wrecking, is not the elements that are needed for the world to survive, it’s the elements that WE need to survive.

Even if you do not use this superpower of yours with great responsibility towards all our neighbors, the animals, the woods, the oceans, they’ll manage to outlive even our stupidity. They’ve done so for millions of years before you were around. But then at least use it to protect your own species.

If you get sick, and infection is running through you body, what do you do?
Everything in your power to become healthy again.
On this earth, the human species is a virus. We destroy everything around us, we do not care about our surroundings, we do not live in peace with the other animals, only killing what we need to survive. We are greedy.

We do not own this earth. This earth owns us. We did not create this earth. This earth created us.
We’ve been given superpowers, we can make this world an amazing place for all beings, we all have the ability to create, to share, to help out others less fortunate.
We have one amazing superpower, a lot other creations on this earth does not. Our mind. Thought. Empathy.

Therefore we should use that power for good.

Enjoying life in Phuket
Sharing time - a ghost story

Hello stranger. I’m going to tell you about something that happened to me a week ago, which was undeniably the topmost horrifying, scary, nervewrecking experience I’ve had in my entire life - and I’ve had plenty, trust me.

The thing is, this was a world-changer for me. Something I’d scream out to everyone in hope that someone out there share my expirience, someone can relate, someone will be able to calm me down.

I’ve never been a believer in the paranormal, but I’ve always been intrigued by the idea. I’ve seen a bunch of programmes about it, read books and what not, listened interested in the story when ever people told about their opinions and feelings about the matter.

Through the last couple of months I’ve travelled through Asia and last week, I were in Ho Chi Minh, or as I’d prefer to call it, Saigon - the heaviest populated city in Vietnam.
That very day, we’d been talking to this Vietnamese guy who told us about the Vietnamese people and their belief and relation to spirits, how they firmly believe in their existence, and how he once saw a ghost-girl sitting by a river at midnight - he later found out that this girl had drowned there.

Any way, that night we go to sleep as always. At 00:30 - about 2 hours after we go to bed, I suddenly awake at the sight of a man standing beside the bed, looking at us.
I have the mandatory split second where I think I’m still sleeping, and I look around - but he’s still there, and I realize, I’m without a doubt awake. And there is this greyish-white clear outlining of a man with glasses, looking at me. I start screaming at my boyfriend to wake up, all the while still looking at the man - and he starts to “fade” into clear air.

The next couple of hours was spend with shaking and crying.
The day after, I became very ill, and had a fever. I’ve had a fever every day in Vietnam, until I tell my Vietnamese friend about the expirience, and he’s convinced that my illness had to do with my supernatural expirience, and gives me a “blessed armband” that his mother had gotten from a munk. Every day ever since I saw the ghost, I’ve been thinking about it, trying to recall him, trying to … Figure out what he wanted, why he showed himself to me.. And feeling that it wasn’t over. I don’t really know exactly how to explain it other than that. I left Vietnam today - and now, a couple of hours later, my fever is gone, and I feel much better.
I’m not sure my sickness was because of him, but I do feel different. In Vietnam i was depressed and felt hopeless about becoming healthy again, and now, that seems kind of… Stupid?

I don’t know what to think about everything. All I know for sure is, now I know that ghost are real. That changes everything. Should I be scared? Am I ready to people always second guessing my expirience or trying to explaine it by more natural circumstances?

Pool time is book time
High and mighty

Danish in Tokyo
Shibuya after dark
anxietybomb: Your blog is so glorious. I'm really glad I followed you just now. I hope you have a beautiful day.

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